Have you gotten your hands on some magic mushrooms? Are you growing your own and want to be prepared when the time comes to take your first dose? Maybe you’re a complete newbie who has no idea how much you need to take to achieve your very first trip.

No matter what part of the trip spectrum you currently fall on, knowing suggested dosages for someone who has never tripped before could save you some time and effort looking for your own personal sweet spot.

Magic mushrooms are a lot different from LSD and other psychedelics when it comes to intensity, but mushrooms really present a trip experience that is completely unique in and of itself. There are a few different levels or tiers when it comes to trips on magic mushrooms, so being informed and having your own personal mushroom dosage guide could go a long way in making your first trip one that you will never forget.

What Are the Different Tiers For Trips?

Magic mushrooms come in many different forms. These different types of mushrooms are called strains, and they all have different names. Whether yours is B+ Cubensis or Golden Teacher, knowing your strain and its strength is another way of determining what your dosage level should be if it is your first time tripping.

With that in mind, here are some of the different trip tiers that different amounts of magic mushrooms can bring on.

  • Microdose level: A microdose level would be about 0-0.5mg of magic mushrooms. With this amount every few days, people claim to experience calm and clarity.
  • Social level: Around 0.8-1 gram of magic mushrooms would bring you to the social level of trips. You might notice similar effects to cannabis, along with noticing slight enhancements to visuals.
  • Trip territory: Around 1 to 1.5 grams of magic mushrooms will get you into the tripping territory as a first timer. You’ll notice a feeling of weightlessness, a distortion in visuals or audio hallucinations.
  • Psychedelia: For people that want a true psychedelic experience, a dose in the range of 1.5 to 3 grams is going to be what you’re looking for. Items in your field of vision may begin to morph and take on geometric patterns, music might sound different, and time may feel as if it is moving very slowly.
  • Dimension warping: After 3 to 4 grams of magic mushrooms have been consumed, you may find that shapes and colors are now flooding your vision field, and you may feel at one with yourself, your friends, or the universe.
  • Heroic dose: After 4 to 5 grams and up, you’ve achieved the heroic dose. You may find yourself lost in the ever-changing flood of shapes, colors, and sounds. You might feel like you truly understand yourself or the universe for the first time.

A psychedelic experience can change people’s lives for the better. Sometimes, people experience a trip that makes them see something in themselves or in their lives differently, and can inspire positive change for the better. Magic mushrooms also have no known toxicity, making them one of the safest things you can take.

Right now, the worst part about magic mushrooms is being caught with them. Always remember to stay safe and trip with those you trust in a secure environment.