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You swear and affirm that you are purchasing the product under the supervision and on the recommendation of a health practitioner. You further swear and affirm that you have a serious medical condition that adversely affects your quality of life and that you and your health practitioner believe that cannabis provides significant relief of these symptoms which include pain, thereby improving your condition or quality of life.

You also swear and affirm that you have been informed by your health practitioner of the potential benefits and side-effects of using cannabis, and have informed them of your use of other materials including medication and supplements. You further swear and affirm that you understand that the benefits and risks of cannabis consumption are not fully understood and that you are taking a risk, including risk of serious injury or death, by taking magic mushrooms. You agree to accept this risk fully and completely.

The product you purchase is for your own personal use only. Any sharing or reselling of the product is forbidden. If you are suspected of not ordering the product for your own use only, you will be permanently barred from membership.

You agree and swear that this product is for use only in Canada and that you will not take or otherwise make available for yourself this product anywhere outside of Canada.

Please use the products in a respectful and responsible way. Please do not smoke cannabis on the street or public. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you consumed cannabis in any way or form. Keep products out of reach of children or anyone under the age of 19.

Cannabis may potentially cause a temporary decrease in coordination and cognitive abilities, as well as short-term memory loss while under the influence.

Again, do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you have consumed cannabis in any way or form. Be especially careful of impairment when eating mushroom products or using any other variants. Do not eat magic mushroom before swimming, driving, or other activities that may be dangerous to you or others. Do not mix mushrooms with alcohol or other drugs.

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