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Earning extra cash at Shrooms-Online is super easy! Just submit a review on any of the links provided below and send us an email to get rewarded!
*Be sure to include Shrooms-Online in all review titles*

Earn 1 Reward Point for every dollar you spend with us + a few ways to earn reward points quickly:

  • Signing up = 100 points 
  • Leaving product reviews after purchase = 100 points
  • On every dollar spent  = 1 reward point
  • Following our social media account = 200 points per account
  • Leave a Google Or Trustpilot review = 1000 points
  • Recording an unboxing video and uploading to youtube= 1000 points

Referral Opportunities

  • Become an affiliate and earn 10% commission on every new customer order you refer to us
  • Refer a friend with a $25 credit on their first order & you’ll get $25 when they complete their order

How To Redeem Reward Points?

  1. Make sure you’re logged in
  2. Add products to your cart until you’re satisfied
  3. Go to the cart page and there will be an “Apply Discount” box, click that to enter points (You can enter partial points or the full amount)

Calculating Points

  • 100 Reward points = $1 store credit
  • 500 Reward points = $5 store credit
  • 10000 Reward points = $100 store credit
As a bonus, you can also stack our coupon codes along with your reward points for additional savings!

Get Free Points For Leaving Reviews

trustpilot reviews

$10 Per Trustpilot Review

Get $10 for writing a review on Trustpilot

*Limit 1 per order*

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google reviews

$10 per Google Review

Get $10 for each Google review
*Limit 1 per order*

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Review YT

$10 Per Youtube Video Unboxing Review

Get $10 per unboxing video review on Youtube.
*1 video per order either on youtube or weedtube*
Requirements listed below:
Please link our website in the description

And have the title of the video as one of the following:

ShroomsOnline Review
ShroomsOnline – Buy Mushrooms Online
ShroomsOnline Online Dispensary
ShroomsOnline Mail Order Magic Mushroom

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Submit Your Reviews!

After leaving a review, please send a screenshot or a link to the review page to [email protected] with the title:

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Or simply fill in the form. Please make sure to use the exact email you used to place the order so we can reward you accordingly.

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