Have you been reading about some of the good things experienced by people who have been microdosing magic mushrooms? People who microdose magic mushrooms report many different reasons for doing so. Some folks say it makes them feel more awake and alert, while others say it makes them calmer, provides them clarity throughout the day, and aids them in being more creative.

What is considered a microdose?

A microdose is a very small, fractional dose of a psychedelic substance. Microdosing is done by people for all kinds of psychedelic substances, including magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, and others. Most of the time, a microdose is only about a tenth of a normal dose size, making any amount very small.

For someone microdosing with magic mushrooms, then about a quarter of a gram should be a decent microdose. For someone microdosing with LSD, it would be a small fraction of a tab. It is very easy for folks to build up a tolerance to any psychedelic drug. This is why most people recommend microdosing every four days, so as to keep their tolerance from building up.

How do you microdose magic mushrooms?

If magic mushrooms are your vice of choice, then you might be a great candidate for microdosing. Whether you’re looking to microdose the first time to perform better at work or on a test, to stay awake and more alert, or simply because you’re curious to see what it’s like, you’ll find the process to be quite simple.

Before beginning, you should know what strains of magic mushrooms you have available and choose your microdose based on that. You should always remember that different strains of magic mushrooms are going to have different strengths and qualities, whether you’re microdosing or looking for a trip.

When you’re ready to microdose for the very first time, try this process for yourself.

  • Measure out about a tenth of a gram of mushrooms

Find your chosen magic mushroom strain, and grind some of it a fine powder. You’ll want to measure out about a tenth of a gram from the powder to act as your very first microdose. You can always go up from here, but this is a great starting point for someone who has never tried a microdose before.

  • Figure out how you want to prepare it

You can prepare your microdose in a number of different ways. You can make capsules, you can make psilocybin tea, or you can just swallow the powder straight up (if you can handle the bland taste).

Once you’ve experimented with amounts and found your microdosing sweet spot, you should become well acquainted with all of the good things microdosing magic mushrooms can do for you. Remember to follow the four-day schedule so you don’t build up a strong tolerance, and most importantly, remember to be careful and stay safe.

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