Moonrock – Stardust Shatter Pre Roll – Assorted Flavours



  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Begins with a high-quality OG bud at its core.
  • Enriched with Honey Oil and Shatter: Dipped in honey oil and coated with shatter, enhancing its potency and depth.
  • Kief Powdered Finish: A generous dusting of kief elevates the THC content and flavor profile.
  • Exceptional Potency: With a THC Shatter range of 70-75%+, it’s among the strongest THC products in the galaxy.


  • Potent and Lasting Effects: Designed for a powerful and enduring experience.
  • Unique Construction: Though the shatter is less visible on the paper cone, it’s a hidden powerhouse of strength.
  • Limited Edition Flavors: Be on the lookout for special flavors that make each experience unique and memorable.


Earn up to 26 Points.

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