Anxiety is a problem that people of many different ages face from all around the world. Affecting millions of people all over the globe (especially young people), anxiety, in all its forms, can be beaten with some a little help and some creativity.

Some people drink alcohol to ease anxiety. Others smoke cigarettes or use other forms of tobacco to quell their nerves. Some folks might be on a medication and have to take prescription pills to manage their anxiety. The point here is that anxiety is a prevalent issue and folks handle their anxiety in different ways.

Some folks go a different route with handling their anxiety, too. While some may have a glass of whiskey or a cigarette when the time comes to de-stress, others still may look into the realm of psychedelic substances when they’re looking for a way to bring their anxiety levels down.

Some people choose to microdose to help their anxiety, and the results are not so surprising.

Wait, what’s microdosing?

Never heard of microdosing before? Microdosing is simply taking a very fractional amount of a psychedelic substance to experience slight effects. This helps people with their anxiety, can keep them awake and alert, and might even be a mood enhancer.

To put it quite simply, instead of tripping, microdosing helps people achieve a desired mental state through taking small amounts of psychedelic substances, such as magic mushrooms or LSD. Many folks swear by microdosing and say it helps them study for classes or work more efficiently.

Most people who microdose do so on a three or four day schedule. Most people discourage others from attempting to take a dosage every day, because this will build up your tolerance too fast. It is important to remember that your tolerance to psychedelic substances can build rather quickly, so if you plan on microdosing, only do so in three or four day intervals so you don’t build up too much of a tolerance.

How Does Microdosing Help Anxiety?

We know that people manage anxiety through many different outlets, but what does microdosing in particular do to help people who have problems with anxiety?

  • Microdosing helps people feel more at ease.
  • Microdosing can make people feel more positive.
  • A microdose can help people solve problems and think about things in new ways.

Many people claim that microdosing does different things for them. Some folks maintain their microdosing schedule so they can study far more efficiently. Others treat microdosing as a way of giving their brain a mental boost at work. Some say that microdosing takes that edge off their anxiety, providing them with mental clarity and helping eliminate that nagging feeling of anxiousness.

Whatever your reason is for microdosing, you can be sure that it will help you get rid of some of your anxiety. Always make sure you stay safe and be responsible, since magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances remain illegal in most countries around the world.

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